vintage supremes.jpg


21mm T1.5 CF 10”, 25mm T1.5 CF 10" F.D 110mm, 29mm T1.5 CF 13" F.D. 110mm, 35mm T1.4 CF 13” F.D. 110mm, 50mm, T1.5 CF 18" F.D. 110mm, 85mm T1.5 CF 2’ 9" F.D. 110mm, 100mm T1.5 CF 3' 

Old look new feel 

Our take on Zeiss Supremes but with a vintage look, beautiful flares  yet a clean and beautiful  look reminiscent of the Zeiss Supreme full frame lenses.

The Zeiss Vintage Supremes where desgined to look the way we like our Zeiss Superspeeds but with the feel of our Master primes.

Zeiss Radiance were just announced but we felt they were not quite what we were looking for so we decided to do our version with our partners from Gecko Cam in Germany. 

Come discover a new world in full frame with these old new lenses.

* Other focal lenghts are available upon request