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      CIRCA 1990´s  

18mm T1,3  CF 10¨    /    25mm T1,3   CF 10¨   /    35mm T1.3 CF 14¨   /    50mm T1.3 CF 2 FT 30¨  65mm T1.3 CF 28¨   85mm T1.3, CF 3´  + 14mm standard speed and 135mm standard speed lenses as extra singles

History on this lenses goes way back to the breakout of the grounds of German Zeiss legendary glass maker itself, the first version of these lenses came out since around the 1970´s till the somewhere in 2005 when they were replaced by their newest cousins the ARRI masterprimes.


Probably the industry´s most sought out lenses for their speed, compact and lightweight form factor as well as their beautiful way of rendering light into the images produced.


Our set is the latest and best version of these beauties that have been well known for decades and we also carry the rare 65mm focal length so we are proud to say this is a true full set not to mention on of the cleanest we could find.


Our set is complemented with a matching standard speed 14mm wide angle lens and 135mm beautiful 135mm telephoto.

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