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      CIRCA 1960´s  

20mm T2,3  CF 1 FT    /    25mm T2,3   CF 1 FT   /    35mm T2,3 8 CF 2 FT   /    50mm T2,3 CF 3 FT  / 75mm T2,3 CF 3 FT  / 100mmT2,3 CF FT /152mm /228mm  (custom fit 80mm front adapters, iris and focus gears installed )

The Hollywood lenses from the golden age of Cinema. One of the best classic lenses of all time and another one of our house favorites.  Coppola's 'The Godfather' was whot this lenses by Gordon Willis or Buffalo 66 by Lance Accord among other´s.

These lenses render incredibly beautiful, painterly images. Great contrast with warm tones and a most interesting cooler flares. They excell specially for portraits, providing a stunning silky look and particularly good for close ups even on the highest resolution formats providing a unique organic diffusion effect on the image and texture.


Actors will definately find this lovely and forgiving lenses the new hollywood standard for the Hollywood star´s beauty close ups or a intimate drama.


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