15mm T 2  CF 1 FT , 20mm T2,6  CF 11 ¨    /    25mm T2,3   CF 1 FT   /    32mm T2,3 8 CF 1.6 FT   /40mm T2,3 8 CF 2.6 FT    50mm T2,3 CF 2.6 FT  / 75mm T2,3 CF 3 FT  / 100mmT2,6 CF 5 FT   are the original focal lengths see TLS rehoused version specs below.


Japanese Cine primes from the 1960's Japanese primes. Used on “Rocky” and “The Godfather II”. 
 These lenses have a very unique look, can be very expressive and an excellent choice for headshots and beauty work.They are low in contrast and  easy to flare. Their flares are rather  warm and unique.


TLS REHOUSED version of the set takes this unique optics to the next level with amazing new close focus features and improved mechanics.


Focal Length Aperture Close Focus Front Diameter Weight (lbs)
15mm T4.0 7" 125mm 1.8
20mm T2.6 10" 110mm 3.2
25mm T2.3 11" 110mm 4.2
32mm T2.3 10" 110mm 2
40mm T2.3 13" 110mm 2
50mm T2.3 19" 110mm 2
75mm T2.3 2' 4" 110mm 2.6
100mm T2.6 3' 3" 110mm 3.8


KOWA CINE PROMINAR SPHERICALS 15,20,25,32,40,50,75,100 rental per day