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 32mm T2,4  CF 3 FT    / * 40mm T2,4  CF 3 FT    50mm T2,5   CF 3´ 3¨   /    75mm T2,6 CF 3´ 3¨    /    100mm T3,1 CF 3´ 4¨ FT  /  * 150mm T3.1 CF FT /*  300mm T3.5  CF FT

Legendary Russian lenses with a very peculiar quality of the bokeh (out of focus highlights) combined with the soft pleasing focus fallof and flare quality. These lenses are really a gem when it comes to create moody scenes and different kind of color lighting and this particular set was costum designed for us from scratch pairing the anamorphic fornts with some our house specialty lenses Cooke Speed Panchro S2 /S3 spherical lenses.

The result is quite pleasing up to you to see, we think is the best of both worlds the unique LOMO look with the beautiful feel of texture and colors of the the Cooke look.


Yes they are heavy, yes they are big but they are amazing, we will soon have the full set with us a 40mm a 152mm and a 300mm even.

* Available now a basic set 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm the rest of the focal lengths will be available soon.


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