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      CIRCA 1970´s  

40mm T2,2  CF 3 FT    /    50mm T2,3   CF 3 FT   /    75mm T2,8 CF 3 FT   /    100mm T3,4 CF 5 FT      (80mm front adapters and Century wide angle 32mm lens adapter included with our sets)

Japanese Anamorphic lenses. Low in contrast and warm in color, these 2x squeeze lenses are the highly sought-after Japanese cinema lenses of the 1970's. The flare they produced is rather warm rather than the standard blue anamorphic flare and the highlight roll off is one of the most beautiful attributes as it acts like a natural diffuser for light. They are probably the only small, lightweight and compact size anamorphic option which makes them very desirable to work with and a perfect combination to work well on steadicam as well as handheld or gymbals.

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