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      CIRCA 1940´S -1970´S 

18mm T2,2  CF 3 FT    /  25mm T2.2 CF FT/ 32mm T2.2 CF FT/ 40mm, T2.2 CF/   50mm T2,5   CF 3 FT   /    75mm T2,6 CF 3 FT   /    100mm T3,1 CF 5 FT     152mm T3.1 CF FT / 204mm T3.5  CF FT  / 317mm T3.5

Hollywood´s best kept secret, a beautiful, iconic and legendary set of lenses and our house specialty. Highly regarded by Vittorio storaro, Stanley Kubrick and many others. With the classic, soft but yet low contrast, warm and sexy cooke look at its best. While providing amazing texture and charm to the image this set has beautiful flares and good sharpness for such an old piece of glass.  This set in speciic is in top notch condition and renewed mechanics not too far from any new cooke s4´s but with a magical vintage touch that will amaze anyone and cautivate them their unique charm.

Our set comes with 7-11 lenses you will most likely can´t find all of them elsewhere including all rehoused telephotos and a rare addition of Cooke vintage VISTAVISION version of these lenses in the form of a 30mm (around 17mm for S35mm format and 75mm portrait lens. All of our sets were matched out of 4 sets and this set was handcrafted in Barwell, Leicester  UK at True Lens Services just a few blocks away from the Cooke factory itself by amazing techs that worked for Cooke themselves.

This lens set combined with our regular Cooke Speed Panchro lenses arethe  perfect companion for our new ALEXA LF large format camera.

Viddy well brothers, this lenses are really something special.

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