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      CIRCA 1940´S -1970´S 

18mm T2,2  CF 3 FT    /  25mm T2.2 CF FT/ 32mm T2.2 CF FT/ 40mm, T2.2 CF/   50mm T2,5   CF 3 FT   /    75mm T2,6 CF 3 FT   /    100mm T3,1 CF 5 FT     152mm T3.1 CF FT / 203mm T3.5  CF FT  / 317mm T3.5

British most beautiful and legendary vintage lense set made by Cooke, highly regarded by Vittorio storaro, Stanley Kubrick and many others. with the classic, soft but yet low contrast, warm and sexy cooke look at its best. This set is top notch nothing far from cooke s4´s but  with a vintage touch that would make people kill for them. We mathched this set out of 4 sets for color rendition, sharpness and characteristics  so expect them to be better any averade sets.

Our complete set comes with 7-10 lenses you will most likely can't find easily elsewhere, this german rehoused version is lightweight compact and has macro capabilities what else can you ask.

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