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COOKE VINTAGE 74_edited.jpg


 CIRCA  1970´s  

 32mm T2,4  CF 3 FT    / * 40mm T2,4  CF 3 FT    50mm T2,5   CF 3´ 3¨   /    75mm T2,6 CF 3´ 3¨    /    100mm T3,1 CF 3´ 4¨ FT  /  * 150mm T3.1 CF FT /*  300mm T3.5  CF FT

A unique in house anamorphic lens design we made with a classic anamorphic look that renders a very peculiar quality of the bokeh (out of focus highlights) combined with the soft pleasing focus fallof and flare quality. 


This lenses produce a very nice and interesting sharp image in the realm of the classic anamorphic look in combination with the aditional beautifull feel and texture of the good old Cooke Speed Panchros. Our take on a new design that could well be the son of a Cooke XTAL (Better known as a crystal express) a famous anamorphic lens design and a beautiful HAWK anamorphic but in the body of newly improved and modern mechanics.  They do feature internal focusins so yes no more telescoping and mattebox nightmares when shooting with them and 32mm is a very lightweight and compact lens.


These lenses are unique and truly a gem when it comes to create moody scenes and different kind of color lighting. The images produced by them result quite pleasing and are up to you to see, we think is the best of both worlds the unique old classic anamorphic look with the beautiful feel of texture and colors of the the Cooke look.


32mm and 50mm are relatively compact and not too heavy.  Although the 75mm and 100mm are a bit larger but weight and size in compensated in image quality and the amazing look they give, we will soon have the full set with us including a 40mm, a 152mm and a 300mm even.

* Available now for rent a 32mm, 50mm, 75mm, 100mm the rest of the focal lengths will be available soon.

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