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"If it can be written, or thought it can be filmed "

Historically through the 1940´s till the 1980´s probably  the finest optical spherical and anamorphic solutions for the cinematography industry were handcrafted and while most of their orignal designs saw the light  in  Europe,   Japan   or  U.S.A  mainly,  their manufacturing proccess involved skilled crafstmen rather than machines producing lenses under the spell of old recipes which may include may include processes no longer available today to produce such lenses but capable to produce an image with a unique charm and whole new world of different characteristics to create different looks.


With the use today´s digital  cine cameras vs. the before prevalent film format cameras,  the possibilities of using different films stocks and the manipulation of the then available film format limited, cinematographers started to fight against  a new format that offered many new possibilities  but also brought other difficulties; like the often distacting or even disturbing details shown by the combination of too much resolution and  tack sharper modern  lenses. In response to that artists in their search to create different looks ended up recurring to either on camera filtration or the use of old lenses to find out that the images paired with these old lenses with the new digital sensors gived them results impossible to replicate with  modern  lenses.  

These tools are one of the cinema´s best kept secret and have been in the hands of filmmakers, still photographers and cinematographers for decades helping them to create a unique visual imagery capable of empowering their storytelling. Nevertheless, it wasn´t only until a few years ago, when these vintage lenses really went into a revival when some serious optical manufacturing companies started refurbishing and repurposing these old optical gems to give them a new and better life inside new modern housings, propper focus markings and a state of art improved mechanics.

We as filmmakers and cinematographers envisioned this phenomena and after not being pleased with the lens options available on the mainstream market, we  ended up finding ourselves immediately attracted to these tools which somehow have been forgotten a bit for while.  In our search we ended up locating and aquiring only the best optical pieces  (some of them often in museum like condition to our surprise) to have them carefully reconditioned and redesigned for its use on modern digital cinema cameras. We ended up refurbishing for use today a a lens collection that could well be a living museum sourced from all over the world and that has the very own favorite focal lengths of the Stanley Kubrick lens collection in the UK, the legendary Kurosawa's Studio in Japan and other major studios in USA, Mexico, Italy, Poland and other places.

But after, we thought the lens collection and the museum was not enough and we created a dedicated and creative space that acts like an image labororaty to honor our lens collection and a studio with all the tools you might need in one place to create your own personalized look for your films, commercials, music videos, TV shows and other media content. 


Our  collection includes a massive selection of the best examples of all the rarest and most beautiful lenses we could find of from all different eras, we take great pride to say we keep this jewels in the best condition possible and maintain them regularly specially because we also use them for in house production projects but that  is not all we can offer, we will help your production to get any kind of gear or resources you might need.       


While we redesign and repurposed our lenses lenses for today's use, we also try to respect their character and original designs to offer filmmakers, cinematographers and still photographers a right mix this amazing (best kept secret) classic tools and all the best modern cameras and accesories so you can create images without limits.


We specialized in long term rentals and projects. We are a small dedicated team that will help you create a unique visual imaging. We strive to do custom solutions for each project big or small and we have put together all the tools to make sure your story tells the way it needs to be told .


-We are filmmakers working to help other filmmakers, not just moneymakers.
-We also understand the needs and production better than anyone and we strive to provide the best a la carte solution for your project.
-We create dedicated and customized gear solutions that we use and mantain ourselves. 
-We do not think we should settle with less, we should always push the limits.
-Our production services focus also allows us to offer advice and support with our knowledge to get your production up and running more efficiently. 
-We have a unique facility that help us offer a production company a 3600 square ft studio/creative space plus another 3600 square ft of camera prep space and dedicated color correction suite and screening room where our professional colorists can help you create the look you want for your production and all the gear you need in house.
-Our team will make sure you worry only about doing your project, let us help you get all you need and assist you to take your productions to the next level.

- Stanley Kubrick- 

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